Blu Sardinia - Modern Italian Restaurant - Redmond
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Modern Italian Dining
Inspired by Sardinian Living

Blu Sardinia is a casually elegant Italian restaurant infused with Sardinian flavors. The menu offers modern interpretations of traditional Sardinian cuisine alongside familiar Italian favorites. From the olive oil and bread at the start of the meal all the way through espresso and panna cotta at the end, diners experience the foods that can add years to their lives.


The wine. The cheese. The olive oil. The bread. It’s all good and good for you. At Blu Sardinia healthful eating in a healthy environment embodies the Sardinian way of life. Family and community, enjoying a relaxing meal and laughing over a glass of wine are the foundations of Sardinian longevity. And they make up the heart of Blu Sardinia. Long before scientists decided Sardinia is one of the Blue Zones –areas around the world where people live the longest – Sardinians have done what they always did. They walk a lot because natural movement is best. They eat a vegetable-based diet accented with meat. They laugh with friends and family to shed stress. And they drink the deepest, darkest red wine available.


What’s the real secret? We think it’s in the food and at Blu Sardinia each ingredient is chosen with longevity in mind. All dishes feature beautifully appointed plates with towers of greens and fresh vegetables and proteins accent the dish. Though you won’t feel stuffed, you will feel satisfied. And energized. That’s the power of Sardinian cuisine.


Blu Sardinia features a one-of-a-kind, wood-fired oven, the option of dining in the main dining room or at the chef’s counter. The Blu Room is also available for private functions. Several Sardinian pastas such as fregula and culurgiones are also available. The food activates all the senses as it is lovingly prepared, combining contemporary Sardinian flavors and technique while relying on fresh ingredients as well as some straight from Sardinia.


The artistry is not confined to the plates of food. The walls and recesses feature Sardinian artists, furniture from acclaimed Italian designers and a vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary decor throughout the space. Even the lighting fixtures are hand-blown by Pino Cherchi, an Italian glass and metal sculptor based in Olympia, WA, to add a touch of Washington’s hand-blown glass influence to the traditional Sardinian ambiance.


Whether guests stop in for a business lunch or an after-movie nightcap they will feel at home at Blu Sardinia where old Sardinia meets modern Redmond.